Sal & Morchio –Attorneys at Law- covers a wide range of legal services. Civil Law, Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Antitrust, Labor Law and Criminal Law (including White Collar Crimes) are the areas of practice in which our expertise is proved.

Sal & Morchio is regarded as one of the most important Argentinean Law Firms. Since 2005, Apertura magazine, distinguishes Sal & Morchio as one top law firms of Buenos Aires City. The same happens with other international business and law magazines.

We place a strong emphasis on providing high quality legal services with a creative and innovative approach to attaining clients’ goals. We work closely with our clients in seeking solutions to the competitive challenges facing modern business today.

We search different alternatives in order to obtain clients’ goals. We offer to our clients’ previous counsel in order to avoid legal problems. We have experience in counseling, mediation, litigation, including national and international arbitration.

One of the distinctive characteristic of Sal & Morchio is the previous analysis of the business that our clients try to do. The economic and legal consequences of each business are important to us. We help them in each step of the negotiation, making Due Diligence in order to satisfy the needs of our clients for top quality advice in an era of globalization and rapid financial and technological change.

We have a team with a solid background that allows us to fulfill our clients’ purposes.