A most shocking criminal case that recently took place in Argentina deals with a suicide committed by a rich, handsome and famous young TV reporter. He seemed to have everything, but suddenly everything went wrong: drugs, sexual promiscuity, work pressure and bad companies made up an explosive cocktail that finished his life.

He was attended by a psychiatrist who had recommended him to have a full time confinement in hospital, but he did not respect the physician’s words. Due to that, he committed suicide.

Nothing is clear in the case. Some investigators are saying that it was not a suicide, that it was a homicide. Some are even speaking about a government conspiracy. Other theories are putting the blame on the psychiatrist, as if it were a “mal praxis” case.

The suicide/ homicide of the famous TV reporter has released many suicides and attempts of suicide on young people aged 16 to 25.

What is in the mind of a suicidal? How does it work? Which are the causes that lead someone to kill himself? How can work pressure, drugs and fame affect someone?

Besides, why can a famous person suicide trigger the decision of many other people to follow his fate? Is our society so fragile? Is this a problem in Argentina, or does it take place everywhere?

Furthermore, I will try to explain the procedure the Criminal Justice follows in order to investigate a suicide, a suicide attempt and a suicide instigation.

Finally, I will give full consideration to the real case. And I will also analyze the problem described above and try to answer all the aforementioned questions in the panel presentation.

As a conclusion, I will make a series of recommendations based on Argentinean and international experiences.

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