Speech at the III International Congress IAACA

One of the most important aspects of private corruption is globalization. Everyday we assist to the creation of new ways of crimes more complicated and sophisticated. Besides it is common to find that these crimes have consequences in many countries, which mean different jurisdictions.

Review of Responsabilidad Policial en Democracia

Responsabilidad Policial en Democracia – Una propuesta para América Latina (Police Responsiblities in Democracy – A Proposal for Latin America) by Fernando Martínez, Alejandra Mohor, Ximena Tocornal, Robert Varenick and others. Ernesto López Portillo Vargas and Hugo Frühling Editores, Mexico, 2008, pag. 253.

Preventing Corruption in the Private Sector

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Drugs in the US – Argentina

“Argentina faces a growing problem with illegal narcotics, both in the flow of drugs through the country and in domestic consumption. The extent of drug transshipment, consumption, and money laundering is largely an unknown, reflecting a lack of strategic analysis and tactical cooperation among enforcement agencies. The government is actively opposed to drug trafficking and to the sale and consumption of illegal narcotics within the country. Argentina is a party to the 1988 UN Convention. Police and security forces are active in the fight against narcotics. In recent years, police authorities have made seizures of significantly larger drug shipments from major regional narcotics producing countries. Argentine legislation prohibits diversion of precursor chemicals, but actual controls are weak. Government counternarcotics efforts, both in law enforcement and demand reduction, are hampered by restricted budgets and institutional weaknesses. Cooperation with USG authorities continues to be excellent.”

Introduction to the US legal System

There are many differences as well as similarities between Argentina's legal system and the United State's legal system. Firstly, the US's legal system is a "Common Law" system, that means based on precedents. Precedents bind the decision of Courts of First Instance as well as there of Court of Appeal, when the Courts are located in the same jurisdiction. Therefore, you have to describe the facts in order to "fit" them in the precedent that you want to use in a trial. Contrary to this Argentina's legal system is based on Codes. This kind of system is commonly known as "Civil Law". This legal system provide you with Civil, Commercial, Criminal and Procedural Codes that contain the rules that you have to attend. These rules must be consider in order to file a suit.

Criminal behavior and psychology: Who wants to be dead?

A most shocking criminal case that recently took place in Argentina deals with a suicide committed by a rich, handsome and famous young TV reporter. He seemed to have everything, but suddenly everything went wrong: drugs, sexual promiscuity, work pressure and bad companies made up an explosive cocktail that finished his life.